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Introducing our fragrance collection, UULA (oo-la), which is manufactured on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia. The range is inspired by nature and the serenity and tranquility of the surroundings. Each fragrance has been meticulously crafted capturing emotive moments on the beaches, from exotic sunsets, walks through nature taking in the floral, spicy and woody aromas, endless fun summer days on the beach or just simply and confidently living life on your own terms.

Fragrance is a form of self-expression and we hope through our UULA Fragrance range you can find your authenticity and self-expression.

A bottle of Fumée fragrance with a bold and confident vibe. The fragrance is described as a unisex scent that blends fresh top notes, cedarwood, incense, pink pepper, sandalwood, and more, offering a unique and daring experience. The image captures the essence of individuality, confidence, and style.
A bottle of Le Bonbon fragrance with a sweet and nostalgic aura. The fragrance is described as unisex, featuring notes of bergamot, mandarin, raspberry, florals, and warm woody undertones. The image captures the essence of childhood nostalgia, evoking memories of treats and summer days.
Save $23.00 AUD
Save $23.00 AUD
UULA gift card featuring elegant design and branding. A perfect choice for sharing the gift of premium fragrances
Save $23.00 AUD